Martin Mulvihill Branch

Named after the violinist Martin Mulvihill, a recipient of the prestigious National Heritage Fellowship, the Mulvihill Branch is based in Pearl River, New York. To learn more about Martin Mulvihill, click on the image to the right.

Branch Officers: 

  • Chair  –  Margie Mulvihill 
  • Vice-Chair  –  Tom Vesey 
  • Secretary  –  Deborah Donovan 
  • Membership Secretary  –  Deborah Donovan 
  • Treasurer  –  John Reynolds 
  • Public Relations Officer  –  Rose Flanagan 
  • Auditor  –  Mike Flanagan 
  • Irish Officer  –  Brian Pearson 
  • Branch Delegate to Regional Board  –  Mickey Coleman 
  • Branch Delegate to Regional Board  –  Rose Flanagan 
  • Youth Officer  –  Catherine O'Kelly

To contact the Martin Mulvihill Branch, send an email to